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  • Cedro Alto – A new type of coffee collective in Colombia

    Our latest coffee release is the Segundo Ortiz, from Finca Alto Roblalito near Nataga in Colombia. We were blown away by this when we tasted it on the cupping table, the creamy sweetness of a natural coffee (just like strawberry cream for us), but clean like a washed coffee (we’re saying blackberry and pineapple), this juicy coffee is washed, but with an extended dry fermentation of 24-36 hours. We were also captivated by the story of Cedro Alto, the collective with strict environmental criteria that pays farmers for their high-quality coffee then takes on the financial responsibilities of getting that coffee to specialty coffee roasteries.
  • Specialty coffee vs. commodity coffee

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  • The Mission Coffee Works Story

    Mission Coffee Works was born from a desire to get the best beans to the best people and make sure they know what to do with them.   O...

    Mission Coffee Works were at Caffè Culture on 28th-29th of October 2019. Caffè Culture is an award-winning and information-led trade event, ai...