The Best Coffee Roasters in London:
A Guide to Unforgettable Brews

The Best Coffee Roasters in London: <br>A Guide to Unforgettable Brews

London, a city that pulsates with life, is a haven for all things good, and specialty coffee is no exception. From bustling cafes to hidden gems tucked away in backstreets, London boasts a thriving coffee scene. But for the true coffee connoisseur, the journey begins at the source – the specialty coffee roasters. These passionate London coffee companies meticulously source, roast, and deliver exceptional coffee beans, brimming with flavour and aroma.

This guide delves into the world of six exceptional coffee roasters in London, each with a unique story and a passion for crafting exceptional coffee. Whether you're a seasoned coffee enthusiast or just starting to explore the world of specialty coffee, there's a London coffee roaster here waiting to take your taste buds on a journey.

The Assembley Coffee specialty coffee roastery

Assembly Coffee Roasters

Assembly actually has its roots in Volcano Coffee Works. In 2014, a small team of people Volcano brought together the UK’s leading independent specialty coffee shops and restaurants to share their experiences and define the ways in which a roastery could most effectively fulfil its role in the specialty coffee value chain.

After six months of conversations, they came to the conclusion that a new roastery should source the highest quality specialty coffees in the world through the lens of its customers. The roastery had to be innovative, responsive, dynamic and consistent in how it supported its wholesale partners as the specialty movement developed. And as such Assembly Coffee Roasters was born. The roastery was launched as the headline sponsor of the inaugural Coffee Masters at London Coffee Festival in 2015. 


The Dark Arts specialty coffee roastery

Dark Arts Coffee

Dark Arts Coffee is a roastery started by friends in East London in 2014 where they operate the roastery out of a renovated steelworks. Throughout the years, their brand concept has remained the same: to stay true to themselves. They opened a branch in Hayama, Japan, in 2018. The brand has a very distinct identity which leans to heavy metal and motorbikes.
Dark Arts only produce light roasted single origin coffees with a drive to provde its customers with the best and most delicious coffee from around the world.

Wanting to challenge perceptions within in the industry about quality and origin, the company sources from lesser-known regions and farmers to support the entirety of the coffee supply chain - often through direct trade. They want to offer an opportunity to experience the best version of the specialty coffee world.

And apparently they have never made a business decision sober.


Fireheart specialty coffee roaster

Fireheart Coffee

Fireheart Coffee is a North London coffee roaster that embodies sustainability and social responsibility. They pour our positive energy into everything they do: from sourcing the best seasonal beans that support farmers and producers, to the way they do business closer to home, the packaging they use and the way they help customers choose the coffee that’s best for them. Fireheart doesn’t follow trends. The roaster makes coffee for everyone. Its coffee is seasonal and ever-changing because that’s how they feel you get the freshest brew. 

Their commitment to ethically sourced beans extends beyond fair trade, where Fireheart is committed to pay 50% above fair trade price and are focusing on building long-term relationships with coffee farmers. They also prioritise environmental practices at their roastery.


Plot Roasting specialty coffee roastery

Plot Roasting

Plot Roasters believes in the power of small-batch roasting. This London coffee company is a small team that values precision and taste. Responsible coffee sourcing combined with precise and consistent roasting means that they can reliably deliver exciting and unusual coffee experiences. They like to establish relationships with companies that just do it- simple. The team combines their knowledge of agriculture, logistics, engineering, roasting, and business.

Ethical sourcing is of the utmost importance to Plot Roasting and they are building a network of producers and cooperatives who they know and trust. All its purchasing decisions are made as a team, based on a balance between cup quality and impact on social and environmental sustainability. All of the coffees available through Plot Roasting are traceable to specific producers or sometimes even day’s pickings.


Elsewhere specialty coffee roastery

Elsewhere Coffee

Elsewhere Coffee is a London coffee roaster that celebrates the diversity of the coffee world. Their main goal is to generate and cultivate positive impact in the lives of the communities they source our single origin coffee from. Quality sourcing is at the very heart of what the company does and it's important to them to be able to offer a vibrant and diverse range of coffees sourced from all over the globe.

Their commitment to ethical sourcing ensures responsible practices throughout the supply chain. Elsewhere Coffee works meticulously throughout its supply chain to make certain that your coffee is good for the growers, workers, and the environment. All of this is very important to them, as well as making sure it consistently tastes fabulous.


Mission Coffee Works specialty coffee roaster

Mission Coffee Works

We might be biassed, but we didn’t think this list would be complete without adding Mission Coffee Works. With a strong emphasis on community and collaboration, our aim is to bring people together over a shared love of exceptional coffee. Making darn good coffee accessible is our number one priority. Edgaras roasts coffee with balance and drinkability in mind, allowing the natural flavours of the beans to shine through.

At Mission Coffee Works standing still is our worst fear and we’re on an actual mission to create progress for everyone we work with. We want our people and communities to be even just a little bit better than they were before they came into our world.




This is just a taste of the incredible talent and dedication that exists within London's specialty coffee roasters. Each of these companies offers a unique perspective on the art of coffee roasting, ensuring that there's a perfect cup waiting to be discovered by every coffee lover in the city. So, venture beyond the high-street chains and explore the world of London coffee roasters. You'll be rewarded with an exceptional coffee experience and a deeper appreciation for the craft and passion behind every cup.

If you are ready to explore the Mission Coffee Works specialty coffee, click this link to find the full range. 

Or if you know someone who you think would enjoy an interesting brew, why not give the gift of coffee?

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