Our coffee bags

Our bags are fully recyclable, made from PE. You can recycle them wherever you would recycle carrier bags - this is sometimes at home and usually at most supermarkets.

We spent a lot of time and thought choosing this material, it’s one material so easy to recycle, and whilst we’d rather not use plastic we think recyclable is the best option right now. Often coffee bags appear recyclable, but they rarely are. Kraft bags for instance are often kraft paper outside, foil inside, and have a plastic valve to allow gas to escape. Biodegradable products emit much higher amounts of methane if they end up decomposing in landfill (which they often do).

What we do at the roastery

We recycle everything we can in our roastery, the rest of our waste does not go to landfill, but is turned into energy

We carry out deliveries with our electric van where we can

We have reduced our own water use by 33% in our roastery and kitchen

We deliver to many or our wholesale customers in reusable containers