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Junkie of everything. Be it work, fun, kids or simply chilling - living in that moment to the fullest is what I do. I love eating and drinking - coffee, wine, cocktails...anything with great flavours.

My hobbies easily turn into work and to be honest- I really like it. When mind starts drifting away from work then I take a break and start browsing offbeat holiday destinations. Best time is time spent with beautiful family. My favourite computer game is Excel.



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No stranger to the coffee scene, I have recently taken over operations at Mission after heading up the commercial sales and training aspect of Sanremo. I’m an avid fitness fan (this year signed up to a Triathlon and half Ironman on the same day - attended neither) and I love climbing, though I find the options are limited in London! 

A Cornish boy at heart, my passion lies with the ocean and being outdoors. Surfing, camping, sailing and cider are my idea of a perfect weekend. Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about collaborations, contract roasting or supplying your workplace or cafe. We’re set up to handle small batches through to huge commercial supply.



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I love dancing, collecting funk, soul and rare groove records. Photography - a lot of the images are seen across the Mission website. I like active living, traveling and exploring places - after a breakdance event I always go and explore the area. 

Before that I was in the hotel business but that was super boring. Fortunately a friend called me from the UK and said that there was an interview in two weeks for a job in London. Coffee is a really social drink and I like how people gather around a cup of coffee, so I thought I would give it a go... I quit my job, withdrew all the money in my account (£250!), bought a one way ticket to London and here I am 9 years later in Mission. I spend every day with the dream team