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The Opera 2 is a uniquely different espresso coffee machine, built specifically for today’s new wave of coffee service, where consumers want to enjoy multiple coffees from the bar. From its plug and play arrival on your counter, its unique 3 coffee selector buttons and push / pull lever make it simple and fast to work with up to 3 different coffees. You can multiply the number of recipes easily if you wish, dialling in 3 coffees from top to bottom. 

Dial in heaven

The Opera 2 makes it incredibly easy to dial in individual coffees, milk based and espresso recipes to each button. With the Opera group head multi point PID controlled boilers, Sanremo’s CDS system giving absolute precision, and Sanremo’s unique 360 Steam valve, this multi-boiler machine stands out in so many ways. The reason why you would choose the Opera 2 is that it is the only machine designed to make showcasing multiple coffees so simple and easy for staff.

Now Add the Opera V2 Scales option!

The Opera with Bluetooth linked scales gives café owners the peace of mind that with changes of staff throughout the week/ day, set recipes will be replicated time after time. This amazing system was developed in collaboration with Acaia who produce the best, most accurate scales in the industry. It auto corrects with each shot to nail/achieve your target yield weight, time after time. 

The reason people buy this option is; it maintains shot accuracy all day, every day and eliminates time and coffee wastage from barista error or staff changes across the day. 

Opera Technological Advances 

For the first time ever, experts and professionals in the world of coffee, the real and most recent users of our coffee machines, have been involved in the entire process that led to the creation of Opera, from the initial brainstorming stage through to its implementation and final touches. There has been no detail overlooked in the development of the Opera, with advances made in every aspect. And every aspect makes a tangible difference – all amounting to new levels of finesse in the extraction and making of coffee.

Monthly Rental Price:

£520 PCM

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