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The Café Racer, which is the official machine of the World Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirit Championships 2018-2020, has the look and presence of a power laden, stripped back, custom motorbike. Standing out in the crowd, it oozes the rebellious attitude of ‘50’s bikers, with Sanremo’s clear Italian heritage and innovative technical engineering. Melding these elements, we created a coffee machine for you that demands attention and commands respect. What sets the Café Racer apart?

With its defiant tubular design, it easily upstages other  espresso coffee machines on the counter. It is incredibly easy to customise. With 20 variations direct from the factory and the ability to order colours to enhance your brand or space. It is the first espresso machine with a dashboard on each group head. Once set up using its intuitive dashboard interface, its ease of use means that baristas with all levels of technical know-how can create fantastic results. The Café Racer contains the most advanced temperature and water volume control, delivering exceptional precision, at high volume.

Every aspect of this machine has been designed and developed to help the barista make better coffee faster, more consistently and with greater ease.

Monthly Rental Price:

£340 PCM

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