The Hario v60 dripper is fantastic for making coffee manually. Set with spiral ribbing that separates the filter and the cone and the thin ceramic finish retains liquid temperature throughout the brewing cycle. 

    The unit controls flow, timing and temperature while making your brew.

    Making coffee manually takes just as long as using machinery and gives you a more professional, hands-on experience that’ll fill you with delight (and coffee) when you’re finished. 

    The name v60 comes from intense research by the Hario team. Shaped like a V, the design is angled at 60 degrees which is proven to be the best for hand brewing.

    25 grams of coffee ground to medium-fine granules works best for this product. 


    Materials: Ceramic

    Capacity: 50cl/4 cups

    Filter Used: Non-standard/specific to brand

    Dimensions: 115 x 140mm